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Meet the Members

Gloria Sloan, author of Life Skills for the Journey: Identify Essential Like Skills That Matter with 5 Successful Approaches

What is your book about?

Personal development guidebook on meaningful living with strategies and insight to help transform the lives of individuals to find fulfillment, wholeness, and personal growth.

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Judith Ruskay Rabinor, author of The Girl in the Red Boots: Making Peace with My Mother

What is your book about? This book integrates memoir and self-help and is about the process of resolving mother-daughter conflicts.

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Gail Manahan, author of Is Raising Your Teen a Piece of Cake?

What is your book about? This book gives expert advice for these situations: drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, anxiety and depression, and other mental health issues, bullying, teen pregnancy, helping teens through a family divorce, helping teens adjust to living in a step family, LGBTQ teens, teens in trouble with the law, introverted shy teens, and many more relevant topics.

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Carol Abrahamson, author of Getting Started On Your Book | Teach What You Know | Fast-Track Your Book! | Which Type To Write? | The Big 4

What are your books about?

This multi-award-winning family of five workbooks helps executive authors answer the ever-looming question, what kind of business-building book shall I write? (77 Types is free at ExecutiveAuthors.com.) As author of 25+ books – the first of which brought her one-person business over $2 million in consulting revenues and industry-leader status – and founder of Executive Authors, Carol’s 5 recent books anchor her work to bring executives (with or without a publisher) notable book-driven business growth results via her workbooks, consulting and mastermind groups. She’s the business and growth strategist every author needs who’s hoping for game-changing business results from their book.

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Linda Presto, author of Where’s My Wine Glass?! Getting Your Kid to College Without Losing Your Mind

A humorous guide filled with helpful tips and stories for parents of high schoolers who are considering going to college.

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Felicha Sinegar Stanley, author of WPower: The Strength of An Empowered Woman to Change The World

What is your book about? This book that women can’t wait to purchase takes you inside the life of a woman who found the strength to empower other women and change the world. The topics covered in this book will answer all your questions about how and what to do to make a difference in another person’s life. It all starts with education and the power of mentoring. This is a big part of helping women reach their goals and dreams. There is no limit to what women can do when we put our brilliant minds together. There is so much great information in this book for any woman who is wanting change in all areas of her life. The women’s empowerment movement is HUGE and you don’t want to get left BEHIND. How would you like for someone to PAY IT Forward for you? The resources provided in this book will allow you to get started now. We as women are experiencing many problems that are not being solved. This book will show you how your unsolved problems can be SOLVED today. The problem that you are having is you want to advance in your job, but have no mentor or no one to take you under their wings and bring you along with them to elevate you to a position that you can advance. The next problem is you have goals and you can’t talk to your friends at work because they don’t know how to help. You are not motivated and you give up on your dreams. Any goals that you created have not been worked on or even transformed into S.M.A.R.T goals. Other problems you have are economic and financial. You are not taking charge of your financial future. You should know how to make financial decisions on all levels, especially retirement. Women are the breadwinners in many families. We must learn how to do it positively. The book aligns everything you need to know to get started and where you can turn to for help. The value of buying this book is your entire life will be changed once you read this book. You will take action and go out and empower your family, friends, co-workers, and church members. You will become active in your community. You will look for nonprofits that support women and volunteer to help. You may even start your own business. That is one of my wishes that women reading this book will become entrepreneurs. This is a great gift for all women 18-65 years, colleagues at work, your nieces, your sisters, girlfriends, and your mom too. Now scroll to the top of this page and buy the book and get started today. Women’s Empowerment is global and you can be a global citizen and make the change everywhere.

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