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Meet the Members

Cynthia Lynch Bischoff

On Wings of Hope: Leading Lily Home is a poignant recollection of my experience in assisting a young client, Lily, through her journey with breast cancer and untimely death. Based on a true story and filled with wisdom and life lessons, it describes Lily’s inspiring passage from despair to enlightenment as a result of using unconventional therapy and a compelling and inspirational view of the afterlife. Read more about Cynthia and her book here.

Maxine Wright-Walters

The Alphabet Circle Journey™: Living Your Best Life is a thought provoking inspirational book and an A to Z exploration of the deeply held ties that bind all humanity and the invaluable knowledge released when they’re broken. The Alphabet Circle Journey™: Living Your Best Life brings together for the first time a parallel between the laws of chemistry and human relationships. Read more about Maxine and her book here.

Margit Novack

Squint: Re-visioning the Second Half of Life opens our eyes to the abundant possibilities of later life. It pairs memorable personal stories with larger themes — downsizing, caregiving, forgiveness, estrangement, and more — and shows that with the right perspective, the future is rich with possibility. Read more about Margit and her book here.

David Johnson

David Johnson is a true crime aficionado and genealogical researcher who has written his first book about a spectacular crime wave that touched him personally. He is a former police detective, airline pilot. He and his wife, Donna, are retired and live on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest. Read more about David and his book here.

P. R. Kliman

Published by Mosaica Press, and printed in Israel, my book helps new Gabbais and Rabbis, Bar/Bat Mitzvah students, and occasional participants in the Torah Service become skillful in locating specific columns and verses within the Torah and become comfortable with its layout. Read more about P.R. Kliman and his book here.

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