Education: The American Caste System

Education: The American Caste System

Name: Andrew Courtice

Book Title: EDUCATION:  The American Caste System

Your book’s Amazon purchase link: education: the American caste system

 What is your book about? Changing the AES paradigm to exploit current needs and technologies.

What inspired you to write your book? Frustration with solvable educational shortcomings.

Can you describe your writing process? Inspired by subject matter events and solutions. 

How did you come to do what you’re doing today? Perceived need.

Can you describe a typical day in your life? Work, Family, Home

What do you most enjoy about what you do? People and Success

Are there any people and/or books that have inspired you along your journey? Teachers 

What’s next for you? Book Marketing and sales

Is there anything else you would like to add? Book needs to be assimilated now!