Walking on Water by Anita KeireAuthor Name: The Rev. Anita E. Keire

Book Title: Walking on Water: Skeptics and Believers Discuss Whether Jesus Matters


Walking on Water: Skeptics and Believers Discuss Whether Jesus Matters introduces the rudiments of the Christian faith from a non-denominational, non-doctrinaire perspective for youth, millennials, religiously unaffiliated, as well as all generations including senior citizens. It encourages seekers, doubters, and believers to learn about the meaning and purpose of Jesus’ birth, mission, teachings, miracles, parables, suffering, and death as well as the difficult times his first century followers experienced. Six people from different cultural and religious backgrounds with divergent beliefs and doubts engage in a challenging dialogue about Jesus’ significance. Three chapters deal specifically with Jesus’ and their beliefs on forgiveness.

Link to purchase book: https://www.amazon.com/Walking-Water-Skeptics-Believers-Discuss/dp/099808770X/

Author Bio:

Anita E. Keire is an ordained, retired minister in the United Church of Christ, an educator, speaker, discussion-group and workshop leader. She holds a B.S. and M.S. in Education in English and a Master in Divinity from Yale University’s Divinity School.

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