Author Name: Deb Brown MaherSell Like Jesus by Deb Brown Maher

Book Title: Sell Like Jesus: 7 Characteristics of Christ for Ethical Sales


As a child, Deb Brown Maher was fearless selling her handmade, looped potholders to neighbors. But when she got her first sales job as an adult, a stifling fear of being labeled a “pushy salesperson” almost paralyzed her ability to perform. Driven to find a way to come across as a trusted adviser, Deb searched for better ways to sell. She found her answers in the communication examples that Jesus of Nazareth demonstrated during his 3+ year-long ministry. Anyone can learn and implement the 7 characteristics detailed in this book to get better results.

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Author Bio:

Deb has been helping salespeople connect with their ideal customers for 30+ years. She’s held every type of sales position including VP Sales. An expert communicator, Deb has a track-record of helping people overcome obstacles to sales success so they can simultaneously serve others and fulfill their financial goals.

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