Author Name: Desiree PaulRachel A Life Interrupted by Desiree Paul

Book Titles: Sarah: Breaking Cycles; Rachel: A Life Interrupted


Rachel is a riveting true-life story of love, lies, deceit, and survival. Rachel’s adult life began serenely as a teacher in the early 1900’s in British Guiana. Before Rachel could take stock of her life, she had acquired nine children for five men. Her life had spiraled out of control. Could she survive the trauma and the drama of the harsh life lessons thrown at her? Would she ever find love? How did her children survive the psychological cycles that occur in most families living with trauma? Rachel’s fight for survival as a woman in the 1920’s to mid-1950s is fascinating.

SARAH is based on the true-life story of my mother. Sarah’s story is the second book in the Sewards family memoirs. The first book, Rachel: A Life Interrupted, is based on her mother’s story. Sarah was the child who supported Rachel steadfastly through Rachel’s childbearing years. Children do not choose their birth parents or their environment; they find ways to survive them. Follow Sarah’s journey as she tries to break the cycles of poverty, missed education, and promiscuity. Sarah decided to break those cycles through faith, a stable family life, and steadfast determination. Could Sarah succeed?

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Desiree worked in the field of Information Technology for over thirty years before retiring. She picked up her journals after retirement and decided to write the stories that she was always interested in sharing with the world. Her first book, “Rachel: A Life Interrupted”, is based on the unusual life of her grandmother. She takes you beyond the words into the world of her grandmother’s struggles for survival. Desiree has a Masters degree in Psychology which can be discerned in the questions and answers that she pursues in her writing.

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