Author Name: Genét SimoneTeaching in the Dark by Genét Simone

Book Title: Teaching in the Dark: A Memoir


Genét Simone was a new college graduate without any professional experience when she answered a newspaper ad seeking high school teachers in Alaska. She sold her car and purchased a one-way ticket from Seattle to the village of Shishmaref, and suddenly found herself dealing with all kinds of unexpected, rustic accommodations and the culture shock of living in a remote Iñuit community. In a fascinating, poignant, sometimes humorous retelling of her experiences, Simone details how she relied on her courage, resilience, and wit to endure freezing temperatures, power outages, loneliness, and first-year teacher anxieties and missteps. Those challenges, however, would pale in comparison to the life lessons she would learn about becoming a real teacher—lessons from her students, their culture, and their community on the vast, windy landscape at the edge of the Chukchi Sea.

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Genét Simone, PhD, has been a teacher for over thirty years. Her experiences in Shishmaref, Alaska, spearheaded a lifelong inquiry into the more emotional and spiritual aspects of teaching. She created The B.E.S.T. Formula, a system for helping teachers be Brave, Effective, Self-Caring, and Transformative. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

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