Author Name: Gloria SloanLife Skills for the Journey by Gloria Sloan

Book Title: Life Skills for the Journey


We use life skills for personal and professional growth at every phase of our development so that we may live life to the fullest. Gloria Sloan unearths insights to ascertain that any skill used on a daily basis can be considered a treasured life skill. An inspiring book of self-help, truths, and strategies, Life Skills for the Journey shares profound wisdom to help transform the lives of individuals into journeys of wholeness, healing, and personal success.

From start to finish, powerful, intellectual, and revelatory teachings are shared that will benefit individuals spiritually, mentally, and physically. Each lesson is varied, detailed, and in-depth, allowing anyone to walk away positively changed in several ways. Sloan’s content beautifully and clearly shares the insights of achieving life skills while maintain a wonderful sense of expression, revealing practical and life-changing ways in which the reader can improve various aspects of his or her own life.

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Gloria Sloan is president of Personal Dynamics, Inc., an author, certified life coach, and strategist with forty years of experience in business management, hospitality procurement and workforce development. Gloria offers solutions that inspire self-directing life skills and learning to achieve heightened performance and transformative approaches for creating fulfillment in life.

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