Author Name: Hanna Hasl-KelchnerSeeking Fairness at Work by Hanna Hasl-Kelchner

Book Title: Seeking Fairness at Work: Cracking the Code of Greater Employee Engagement, Retention & Satisfaction


Seeking Fairness at Work examines the unwritten rules at work—rules that, when broken, keep employees from doing their best work and companies from reaching their full potential. It’s well known how high employee engagement helps the bottom line. What’s less understood is the critical role of the implied social contract in the workplace and how dovetails with our most fundamental human motivational needs. Using evidence-based science, academic research, interviews, and real life stories this book reveals the five most common workplace norms that betray fairness and provides solutions squarely aimed at neutralizing toxic norms with a proven five-part strategy filled with practical tips any leader can use.

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Seeking Fairness at Work is a new release for executives, managers, and entrepreneurs who want to raise their employees’ game instead of their defenses, the human resource professionals, consultants, and employment attorneys who assist them; and the employees wanting to assess their own situations. Available on Amazon in ebook, paperback, and hard cover, at

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Hanna Hasl-Kelchner gives business leaders clarity by simplifying complex concepts into sensible, bite size pieces to generate stronger management options and open the door to better decision-making. She is an accomplished business strategist, author, speaker, host of the Business Confidential Now podcast, plus Founder and President of Business M.O., LLC.

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