Author Names: John Gonzale and Young LeeSOUTH KOREA The Price of Efficiency and Success by John Gonzale and Young Lee

Book Title: SOUTH KOREA: The Price of Efficiency and Success


Through the power of observation, extensive research, and careful analysis, award-winning authors John Gonzalez and Young Lee examine the conditions, behavioral patterns, and cultural values that helped propel South Korea from the ashes after the end of the Korean War to the international stage as the 4th largest economy in Asia and 12th in the world. South Korea is also one of the most technologically advanced countries. Since the end of the Korean War, the nation’s incredible trajectory is often referred to as “the Miracle on the Han River.” This transformation results from a strong work ethic, entrepreneurship, emphasis on education, pragmatism, nationalistic fervor, personal and collective sacrifices, and efficiency in a highly competitive environment that permeates throughout the culture. In this book, the authors analyze both the positive and negative impact of this emphasis on efficiency on South Korea’s society.

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John Gonzalez’s professional experience as an educator spans almost three decades. He earned a B.A. and a doctoral degree from UCLA and an M.S. from Mount St. Mary’s University. For five years, he lived in South Korea, where he taught and counseled students at an American high school. During this time, he immersed himself in the fabric of Korean society. As a result, he gained a deep understanding of the Korean people and their culture.

Young Lee is a Korean-American who lived in Korea for over 20 years. He has a B.S. and an M.A. degree from UCLA. He has held actuary and financial analyst positions. Lee also held the position of visiting professor at Hongik University in Korea. His actuary training and professional experience focused on problem-solving, analyzing issues, and identifying the causes.

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