Beyond the Numbers: 5 Key Factors that Impact an Entrepreneur's SuccessAuthor Name: Larry Brummond

Book Title: Beyond the Numbers: 5 Key Factors that Impact an Entrepreneur’s Success


While strong finances and operational processes (the numbers) are essential for any business, entrepreneurs need tools and strategies that go beyond the numbers. Life-long entrepreneur, Larry Brummond, discovered 5 factors that have little to do with the numbers, but can have just as great an impact on the success of a business:
1-Personality – Explore your aptitude and attitude; should you partner-up or go it alone? 2-Responsibility – work-life balance can make or break you! 3-Goal Setting – It’s not the daunting process most think. 4-Values – what you stand for will directly impact sales 5-Attitudes – they’re contagious; what are you spreading? In Beyond The Numbers, Brummond uses personal experiences, how-to explanations, and tools to help you create a success culture that transcends the daily challenges of sales, accounting, and operations. Entrepreneurs who read and embrace these 5 factors will uncover new avenues of healthy, sustainable growth.

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Larry Brummond is a freelance business writer, speaker, and entrepreneur coach. As a life-long entrepreneur, he helped build several business ventures, including two successful software companies and a B2B franchise. He has a B.A. in Management and is a member of an Advanced Toastmaster club.

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