Author Name: Mary Delia AllenEnjoy Your Solo by Mary Delia Allen

Book Title: Enjoy Your Solo How To Be Great at Being Single


An insightful and funny book to inspire singles and to educate non-singles on what solo life is today. There is so much advice, reality TV, romantic movies and marketing targeted to singles about attracting, keeping, and recovering from intimate relationships! However it is expected that you will have times without a romantic partner. This is the solo. It’s your opportunity to learn to know yourself and build a life exactly suited to YOU!

This Solo guide will

o Motive you to know yourself enabling you to create a full solo life
o Share upbeat and positive ways to view the highs & lows of being single o Give practical and actionable advice you can use immediately

Specific topics include

o Advice on going out and staying in by yourself
o Strategies for handling your emotions, free time, and standards as a solo
o Practical tips on finances, friendships, and the functionality of your single life

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Author Bio:

Mary Delia Allen evangelizes a new era of being single known as the solo. This is time for unmarried individuals to build a one size fits one life they love. After ten years as a vacation tour leader dedicated to singles Mary Delia Allen wrote EYS to inspire singles and to educate non-singles on what solo life is today.

Connect with Mary Delia Allen:
Twitter @enjoyyoursolo
Instagram @enjoyyoursolo

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