Mad Like MeAuthor Name: Merryl Hammond

Book Title: Mad Like Me: Travels in Bipolar Country


“Mad Like Me” is a fearlessly honest memoir with self-help tips for recovery, and a guide for family and friends of people with bipolar. I’m a health professional diagnosed with bipolar disorder ten years ago at age 51. It’s now my mission to end the stigma against mental illnesses of all kinds, in all ages. In chronicling what my family and I experienced, I hope to demystify this misunderstood illness, and humanize the people it affects. The book is a testimony to hope and recovery, and to my family who stood by me throughout. A must-read for people with bipolar disorder working towards recovery, for families/carers who need insight into what it is truly like to have bipolar, and for therapists, psychiatrists and other health professionals. Readers and reviewers are calling it ”mesmerizing”, “captivating”, “riveting”, “elucidating”, “compelling”, “definitive”, “dramatic”, “touching”, “beautifully written; powerfully honest”, and “a bullseye”.

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Author Bio:

I’m a nurse with a PhD working as a public health consultant in Montreal and have published widely. When bipolar struck, I flipped from health worker to locked-ward patient. My academic training proved vital: I kept detailed records of the mental dramas I experienced and share that in the book.






Author comments:

Really appreciate having a chance to connect and network with and to support other NFAA members. I am such a proud new member of NFAA: your webinars, conferences and other resources have made a huge difference in my work as a writer and to me as someone who wants to share a message of social change, human rights, and justice for people with mental illnesses. I feel empowered and supported to meet my gutsy goals! Thank you to all at NFAA!

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