Author Name: Scott R. CoplanThe Integrator by Scott R. Coplan

Book Title: The Integrator: A Change Management Framework for Agile IT and Project Success


When a $145 million IT project failure pushes Los Angeles to the edge of financial meltdown, the County CEO asks Max McLellan, a harried IT project manager, aka The Integrator, for help. The County Board gives Max 30 days to identify the problem and find a solution. At first Max finds the usual missteps, but something bigger and darker beckons, an explosive source of project failure. He must do something different, rattling ghosts of previous County IT failures, uncloaking crookedness, and exposing truths that shatter careers.

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Author Bio:

Scott Coplan is a change and Agile IT project manager, advisor, educator, author and speaker. In 1991, he founded COPLAN AND COMPANY to help communities in need with IT project management.

With 45+ years of experience advising top government leaders, Scott successfully manages IT projects that transform or radically change the way clients deliver services.

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