Author Name: Stephen GobelA Way Out of Chronic Pain by Stephen Gobel

Book Title: A Way Out of Chronic Pain, How It Happened and What To Do About It


This book provides you with the neurobiological and musculoskeletal explanations of chronic pain. It helps you to understand why an episode of chronic pain happened to you and what to do about it. The book is written for everyone over the age of fifty. It is written for everyone who has experienced chronic pain in the past and wants to do something to try to prevent future recurrences. The book discusses the roles of sedentary life styles, posture, chair design and the loss of range of motion in chronic pain. It explains how to use compression at sites of muscle shortening, static stretches and dynamic movements of shortened muscles to address the following kinds of chronic pain: low back pain; hip pain; knee pain; wrist and hand pain; jaw and temporomandibular joint pain; and shoulder, neck, and upper back pain.

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A Way Out of Chronic Pain, How It Happened and What To Do About It

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I have a D.D.S. degree and have been a basic scientist who studied pain mechanisms at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). I have held administrative positions at NIH and in a Kentucky program dealing with spinal cord injury and head injury research.

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