Author Name: Susan E. QuinlanOne Single Species by Susan Quinlan

Book Title: One Single Species: Why the Connections in Nature Matter


Millions of species of plants, animals, fungi and other living things occur on Earth. So why should we be concerned about the future of any individual one? How could the loss of just one single species even matter? Discover some of the fascinating creatures that live on the wave-scoured rocks of the Washington coast as you learn about the historic research of Dr. Robert T. Paine. His remarkable experiment in the intertidal zone helped answer this question and changed forever the way scientists look at nature. “Through beautiful artwork and engaging text, this book … communicates the great importance of understanding natural history and the complexities of nature.”–Dr. Paul Dayton, Professor Emeritus, Scripps Institution of Oceanography “One Single Species is a gem in its clearly written text and revealing art…there is nothing quite like it in school libraries.”– Laurence Pringle Author of 120 books for children

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One Single Species

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A naturalist, artist, and author, Susan E. Quinlan brings a lifetime of nature exploration and research to her writing and illustrations. Quinlan’s nature-themed books for young readers have received recognition from the International Reading Association, The Junior Library Guild, the National Science Teacher’s Association and Children’s Book Council.

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