Author Name: Miracles in the Dark by Tammy Rene
Tammy René

Book Title:
Miracles in the Dark: How a childhood Cult and Abuse Survivor Reclaimed the Light.

Miracles in the Dark: How a Childhood Cult and Abuse Survivor Reclaimed the Light is a compelling and raw story of overcoming the trauma of childhood abuse and finding hope and healing. Its resounding message is that regardless of the pains and heartache we are called to go through, all of us can find light and hope, ultimately thriving in a life that is uniquely our own.

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Tammy René passionately shares messages of hope and healing. A survivor of childhood abuse in a cult, Tammy navigated a path toward recovery, finding strength in her faith. As a speaker and presenter, she shares her story to inspire hope in abuse victims and bring understanding to their communities.

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