Featured here is part two of July’s round-up, with members’ answers to the question: What topics do you speak about?What topics do you speak about


I speak on topics of both personal and professional growth and development in our new normal. Here is a sampling of the topics I cover:

Future Proofed: The New Rules of Success in Work and Life for our Modern World

Rapid change and disruption are the new normal.  Right now, we are facing a stress and burnout crisis, in part because the skills we used in more predictable times are not the same as what we need to cross big hurdles and gaps. Learn the 5 pillars of how to grow through change and build the mental fitness you need to thrive and bounce forward.

How to Reduce Stress & Burnout, and Build Resilience & Engagement

The type of leadership that is needed during these uncertain times is the kind of agility and innovation that will allow others to harness their own inner abilities to not just meet the challenges, but to stay a step ahead of the curve. Learn how to build a resilient, high-functioning team by building a culture of growth, engagement, and purpose.

Dr. Natalia Peart is a Psychologist, Career Reinvention Expert, and Fortune 1000 Executive Leadership Consultant. She is Founder/CEO of the Catalyst Innovation Group. She is the author of Future Proofed: The New Rules of Success in Work & Life for our Modern World and has been featured in outlets including FOX, WSJ, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Oprah Magazine, Barron’s, and Glassdoor. She has served on the Federal Reserve Board 10th District.



I’ve worked on developing my public speaking skills as a member of Toastmasters International long before I started my author’s journey. As a speaker, I have delivered hundreds of presentations, all created and stored in my mind, and rarely written down.

As an author, I realize I’ve wasted a lot of excellent content I could be leveraging. I’m an analytical and strategic thinker and love the creative process—especially sharing knowledge I have learned. I’m passionate speaking about shyness, introversion versus extroversion, self-promotion, and power networking.

Rae A. Stonehouse is a recently retired RN, having worked 40+ years in mental health/psychiatry. His post-retirement business venture is Live for Excellence Productions, where he is an independent, self-publishing author of personal/professional self-development books and online courses, as well as a website developer and a self-publishing coach. liveforexcellence.com.

Power Networking for Shy People: How to Network Like a Pro  was one of his earlier books in the self-help genre. https://powernetworkingforshypeople.com


I’m an expert on gambling and horse racing, having been fortunate to cash some “life-changing” bets (I was a participant in a $1 million win on the 1988 Kentucky Derby with two other gamblers through a bet placed in Tijuana, Mexico).

Recently, I was interviewed about the success of my first book, The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told: A True Tale of Three Gamblers, The Kentucky Derby, and The Mexican Cartel, which sold 10,000 copies in 120 days, advancing to a #1 Amazon Best Seller in 10 separate categories. My book is a crossover success in sports, true-crime, biographies, and “how to survive while being chased by the Cartel.” Although certainly no literary expert, I have unique advice on how to flourish as a first-time author.

Mark Paul Author/Book Web Site

Book Trailer: https://markpaulauthor.com/


I started and am growing the Great Girls Network (www.greatgirlsnetwork.org), which exists to help women find their authentic voice, stop comparing and competing with other women, and feel supported and encouraged to be and do whatever they truly want. I often give talks on this subject, and include ideas presented in my book: Confessions of a Recovering Helpaholic, which encourages women (and men, actually) to stop taking better care of others than they do themselves.

I also coach a group of entrepreneurs on a weekly basis, along with giving talks from time to time on what it takes to grow a business. Many people get excited about an idea but have little or no idea how to actually build it into a viable company. My book Sound Business Bites gives people a commonsense approach to customer service and management. I also talk about market research, making sure your idea actually has a market, etc.

PeopleBiz Inc./Great Girls Network

Confessions of a Recovering Helpaholic and Sound Business Bites





D.O.V.E. A dove symbolizes inner peace. The best way I know of to achieve inner peace is to return to your Divine Original Vibration Embodiment. That is the vibration that G-D created you on, before any birth, childhood, adulthood, or elderly traumas. Writing from your D.O.V.E. is perhaps the highest place that you can write from, or create from. How does one reside on that high vibration? Do consistent, impeccable self-care: sleep, nutrition, water, exercise, supplements, and elimination. Identify, feel, express, and work through any low-vibrational emotions. Identify, repattern, reframe, and replace any limiting beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, patterns. Go out in nature and speak to G-D as if you were talking things over with your best friend. Cultivate a deep or deeper relationship with your Creator. Living in your Divine Original Vibration Embodiment, you are a D.O.V.E., connected and protected amidst all the chaos. 

My personal and spiritual growth Kabbalah journey through the Tree of Life was life-changing! I am so excited to share it with other spiritual seekers! We all know that health on every level is about flow and balance. What I love about journeying through the Tree of Life is that it aids you in flow and balance, as you ascend through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of the Tree of Life. You also gain Clarity on exactly what you wish to create. There are 10 Sephirot or Spheres in the Tree of Life. Each represents a different aspect of G-D, like Love, Compassion, Severity. One might not think of Severity as a Quality of G-D. However, Severity is essential to setting and enforcing Healthy Boundaries. Severity must be balanced by Compassion. As we learn more about each Quality of G-D, integrate, balance, emulate, and radiate these qualities, we become more powerful creators in our own right. We become empowered co-creators with G-D of our dreams, goals, and our Soul’s Purpose. Study and Journey through the Tree of Life! It can be so helpful for us to know our Soul’s Purpose, to remove blockages, to overcome fears, to actualize our mission here. and fulfill our Destiny! 

Karen is a certified essence repatterning practitioner, identifying and repatterning limiting patterns. She is a registered physical therapist and has taught physical therapy courses at the University of Maryland Hospital and dance at dance studios she owned. For nearly two decades, she has traveled to and Skyped spiritual seekers worldwide as a personal/spiritual growth teacher through her D.O.V.E. (Divine Original Vibration Embodiment) work and her Kabbalah Ascension Journeys through the Tree of Life. www.clair-ascension.com

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