No Open Enrollment Needed to Protect Your VisionFor Many, open enrollment for health insurance takes place in the fall, but when it comes to vision care, VSP Individual Vision Plans allow you to enroll at any time during the year!

At the Nonfiction Authors Association, many of our members are self-employed, retired or planning for retirement. While there’s been much discussion about the importance of individual healthcare coverage, vision care is just as important—yet it’s rarely included in most general health insurance plans.

As we age, the likelihood of developing vision issues increases. According to WebMD, common vision issues include eye strain from working on computers all day, night blindness caused by cataracts and other issues, floaters, glaucoma, dry eyes and various retinal disorders, among a host of other concerns.

Need more reasons to add vision care coverage for your family?

8 Reasons to Get a VSP Individual Vision Plan Today!

  1. VSP members save an average of more than $200 a year.
  2. Individual vision plans start as low as $17 a month.
  3. VSP has the largest independent doctor network, with more than 36,000 doctors to choose from. (Want to find a doctor in your area? Visit the “Find a Doctor” tab at com.)
  4. VSP maintains member satisfaction ratings above 95%.
  5. With over 72 million members, VSP is the top provider in vision care plans.
  6. As the nation’s only not-for-profit vision care company, VSP reinvests in the things you value most—the best care at the lowest out-of-pocket cost.
  7. Enrollment is open year-round and satisfaction is guaranteed.
  8. Thanks to our partnership with VSP, members of the Nonfiction Authors Association who enroll in a plan are eligible for an additional $20 off of the standard frame allowance. (Once you enroll, visit your NFAA member page -must be logged in- to download your discount coupon, and simply redeem it when you visit your doctor.)

To learn more about VSP, you can visit the website here.

We also encourage you to download a free resource guide about making self-employment work for you, from joining a professional association (like NFAA) to taking advantage of group buying power opportunities.