Nonfiction Book Awards LogoWelcome to the Nonfiction Book Awards! As an extension of the Nonfiction Authors Association, we are committed to honoring excellence in nonfiction books and welcome submissions by self-published and traditionally published authors alike, in both print and ebook formats. Publishers are also welcome to submit books for award consideration.

About the Nonfiction Book Awards

Our program honors books year-round so you can submit your entry at any time.

Books are not judged against competing titles, but are reviewed by our judges based on a scoring system that evaluates the quality of the writing and production of the book (editing, design, and other details). A book may receive a bronze, silver or gold award based on the final evaluation score.

As with other reputable awards programs, not all books receive a Nonfiction Book Award. However, books that are well-written and professionally produced often qualify for a bronze, silver or gold award.

Winning a Nonfiction Book Award is like adding a seal of approval to your book. It tells readers and media professionals that you have a high quality book worth reading!

Nonfiction Book Award recipients receive the following:

  • Beautiful award certificate mailed directly to you (or sent via email if outside of the U.S.).
  • Digital award badge for display on your website.
  • Your book featured with Book Award Winners on this site.
  • Your book featured on the Nonfiction Book Club website.
  • Your award announced in our monthly email newsletter.
  • Your award announcement shared on our social media platforms.
  • “Award-winning Author” status. You can immediately add this new qualification to your author bio on your website, online profiles, social media accounts, etc.
  • Award stickers for your books are available for purchase.
  • Reviewer feedback sent to you after award results are tabulated.
  • Our reviewers are encouraged to post their own reviews on various book sites, including Amazon, however we cannot guarantee any reviews will be posted.

Actual post from our Facebook page:

Nonfiction Book Awards Winner - Gold Book Award

Additional Benefits of Winning a Nonfiction Book Award

When potential readers learn that a book has been honored with an award, it can help influence buying decisions. And winning a book award brings tremendous personal gratification. You will instantly earn the title of “award-winning author.” You can add this designation to the following:

  • Your book sales page on Amazon (Example: “Winner of a Gold award from The Nonfiction Book Awards”)
  • Your introduction that is read when you’re speaking at an event (“Annie Author is an award-winning author and…”)
  • Marketing materials
  • Author website
  • Book sales page on your website
  • Author bio in your books, on your website, in your social media profiles, etc.
  • Cover of the book

We are proud to offer this program to nonfiction authors world-wide. We firmly believe that nonfiction books have the power to change the world and the Nonfiction Book Awards provides a powerful way to help elevate the status of your book.

Are you ready to add “Award Winning Author” to your bio?

Enter the Nonfiction Book Awards here.