Nonfiction Book Awards - GuidelinesThe Nonfiction Book Awards accepts entries that meet the following criteria:

  • Nonfiction books published in print and/or ebook format
  • Publication date can be any year (no restriction on date of publication)
  • Self-published or traditionally published books welcome
  • Re-submissions with additional entry fee and submission form welcome provided book has undergone a revision
  • Books are not returned and no refunds are issued
  • We do not currently review audio books

Legal Disclaimer

The Nonfiction Book Awards reserves the right to a) reject any entry; b) withhold awards in any category; c) reassign an award to a different category and/or d) change criteria without notice.  Submission fees will not be refunded.

Any entry not conforming to the guidelines will be disqualified. There will be no refund for disqualified entries.

The Nonfiction Book Awards will respect the intellectual property rights of Entrant’s submissions, and will only use submissions for the limited use of determining whether an award is to be issued, and for commentary and review in accordance with the terms of an award.

By the submission of the Entry Form, Entrant agrees to the following:

Entrant, or it’s duly authorized representative, certifies that all information submitted in the Entry Form is true, and that Entrant is the lawful owner of copyright of the submission. The Nonfiction Book Awards shall not be liable for copyright infringement of any nature in connection with acceptance of a submission or grant of an award. Entrant certifies to the Nonfiction Book Awards that its submission does not infringe upon any other party’s intellectual property rights.

Entrant understands and agrees that the Nonfiction Book Awards has the right to grant or not grant awards in its sole and absolute discretion, which Entrant agrees not to challenge in any forum or setting, whether public or private.

Entrant understands and agrees that: (a) any review that the Nonfiction Book Awards conducts will be limited solely to the guidelines and general criteria outlined herein for the sole benefit of the Nonfiction Book Awards; and (b) the Nonfiction Book Awards’ review, analysis, commentary, and/or grant of an award shall under no circumstances be deemed to constitute any opinion, representation, or warranty by any at the Nonfiction Book Awards, its officers, trustees, directors, agents and employees.

Entrant agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Nonfiction Book Awards, as well as all of its officers, trustees, directors, agents, employees, successors and assigns, from and against any and all damages and claims. “Damages and Claims” are understood and agreed to mean: (a) damages caused by submissions to the Nonfiction Book Awards; and (b) claims, demands, causes of action, debts, liabilities, losses or costs (including but not limited to lawyers’ fees and costs), however designated, that relate to the Entrant’s submissions to the Nonfiction Book Awards and/or any awards granted by the Nonfiction Book Awards to the Entrant.

Under no circumstances shall the Nonfiction Book Awards be liable to any party on account of use of the submission for the purposes of determining, granting, or announcing an award, or review or commentary of such submission as part of the grant of an award. Such limitation of liability shall apply to prevent recovery of direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special and exemplary damages, arising from any use of the submission.

By submitting the Entry Form, Entrant grants permission to the Nonfiction Book Awards to use the name and likeness of Entrant, and its submission, including book title, cover art, logo, and any other identifying characteristic of Entrant and its submission. The Nonfiction Book Awards will use such name, likeness and images in its marketing and public relations of the awards, winners, and the overall program. Such use will not constitute infringement of Entrant’s intellectual property rights, or interference with or illegal use of business or personal property.

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