Another option for getting your book in front of potential buyers is paid advertising.Paid Advertising for Your Book You can purchase ad space online and in print publications. The tricky part is finding the right opportunity that actually produces a decent return on investment (ROI). Because profit margins are low with books, it can be difficult to justify the cost of advertising. The goal with any marketing that you do should be to generate enough ROI to justify the cost. However, marketing involves a lot of testing to figure out what works best for the product you want to sell, so it can be worthwhile to dedicate a small budget to try out various advertising methods.

There are countless options for advertising in print publications. Major glossy magazine ads can cost tens of thousands of dollars. A more affordable option is to look for smaller niche publications like trade association newsletters, local weekly or monthly publications, and other small newspapers and industry journals. You will need to do some research to find publications that reach your target audience and decide whether it’s worthwhile to test out an ad or two. With print advertising, repeat exposure is important. I wouldn’t recommend running a single ad. You’ll likely see better results if you run the same ad in the same publication several times in a row.

You can also look for advertising options on industry websites. If you come across a site that reaches your ideal audience, look for advertising guidelines or inquire with the site owner. You might be able to get some really affordable ad space as online ads often cost far less than print advertising.

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