Plan Your Book LaunchTo begin forming your book marketing plan, start by building a list of tasks. I call this a Book Marketing Action Plan, and you can download a free Excel template to build your plan here.

One top focus should be planning the actual launch of your book. Ideally, your book should come out with as much fanfare as possible, so you will need to build a plan to make that happen. Following is a checklist of suggested tasks for your book launch.

  • Plan a party, if you want one. Make sure to include a table where you can sign books, and a way to collect payment ( provides credit card processing on your smart phone).
  • Plan your launch to happen within a few weeks of the book being available online. It’s best to give yourself some cushion in your timeline and make sure all sales channels are working properly before you pull the trigger and announce.
  • Write copy to be used for all aspects of launch: emails to peers, family and friends, social media posts, pitches for media, bloggers and reviewers, book jacket copy, updated bio, and blog posts.
  • Write jacket copy and post to book sales page on your website.
  • Add links to purchase book from your website. Can get your own “Buy Now” button from Paypal or include a link to the book on Amazon and other retailers.
  • Set up an Author Central account with Amazon and claim your book as soon as it is available. Visit Here you can update your book’s sales page on Amazon, add your bio and social media links, and monitor your sales history.
  • Send email announcing launch and asking for support to peers/clients.
  • Send email announcing launch and asking for support to family and friends.
  • Provide email copy and sample social posts to peers/clients to share. Make it as easy as possible for them to do so.
  • Provide email copy and sample social posts to family/friends to share.
  • Pre-write and schedule several blog posts to go out during launch week.
  • Pre-write and schedule social media posts to go out during launch week.
  • Write pitch for traditional media. Find an angle that isn’t just about your book launch (such as tie-in with an upcoming holiday or recently released statistics).
  • Build your media list. Or purchase a list from a resource such as Gebbie Press.
  • Send out your media pitches.
  • Write pitch for bloggers to review your book, interview you or accept a guest post from you.
  • Research bloggers to pitch.
  • Send blogger pitches.
  • Write pitch for podcasters and internet radio shows.
  • Research list of podcasts and internet shows to pitch.
  • Send pitches to podcasts, internet shows.
  • Write copy you will use to announce to your own email list.
  • Send email announcement on launch day. May also send pre-launch emails letting people know the book is coming. If pre-order is available, definitely reach out for pre-sales!
  • Write copy for your own social media posts.
  • Share social media posts on launch day and beyond.
  • Monitor your sales rank on Amazon during launch day. The lower the rank, the more books you are selling.
  • Interact with your audience via social media and blog comments throughout your launch period. Make sure they know you are engaged and grateful for their support.

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