Kevin Tumlinson The 2022 Draft2Digital and Smashwords Merger: What it Means to Authors Looking for Book Creation and Distribution Options

Event Date: July 6, 2022 | Time: 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Join us as Kevin Tumlinson speaks on the topic: The 2022 Draft2Digital and Smashwords Merger: What it Means to Authors Looking for Book Creation and Distribution Options.

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About Kevin Tumlinson

Kevin Tumlinson is an award-winning bestselling author and he is also known as “the Voice of Indie Publishing” for his work in podcasting and public speaking worldwide. He is also Director of Marketing & Public Relations for Draft2Digital, a book creation and distribution company that merged with Smashwords in 2022 under the Draft2Digital brand. Find out more about Draft2Digital at and about Kevin at

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  • How to convert your manuscript into an eBook format.
  • Get your book to various retailers around the world.  
  • Draft2Digital’s interface vs Smashwords interface
  • How Draft2Digital is platform agnostic.
  • How aggregation/distribution works.
  • How to track sales via the Dashboard.
  • Draft2Digital tools that show the effectiveness of a campaign.
  • Perks of the acquisition of Smashwords.




2:26 In a nutshell, Draft 2 Digital will help you get your book into ebook format and out to the world so that you can accomplish that writing dream that you have.


4:20 We offer something very similar to Vellum, but for free, and it is what I call platform agnostic. It is available and I’ve actually used this from my iPhone, standing in line at Disney World, and used it to format a book on the go. So you can have your manuscript uploaded in that format, and use our templates to make it do a layout and everything. It’s very simple, very automated. 


8:56 You can upload your book one time and then distribute it everywhere, but also see all your sales everywhere.


11:56 we actually have a couple of tools that I use, and I know others use that can help with that a lot. One of those is our universal book links, which if I’m going to do a special promotion, or if I’m going to be speaking at a convention or something, or I’m going to be on the radio, I will often create a universal Book link. And this is a single link that lets readers find your book and all the various retailers where it appears from one link.


14:07 We’re keeping coupon codes we are keeping the discounts and things that you can do. Everything that you could do on Smashwords store is still gonna be there. It is the highest royalty that you’ll be able to get anywhere as well.


14:51 You can expect to get about a 60% royalty. After we take our cut as the retailer’s and all that stuff after all that stuff happens. It’s going to be in the 60, maybe up to 70%. royalty, sometimes as low as 35%. Just depends on the platform. 


18:51 Our job is to remove friction, solve a problem. There’s a problem. And it’s one that nobody else has managed to solve yet. And that is author copies outside of North America. And you can get them. But it’s going to cost you a fortune, because of shipping. 



And now our combined might is to remove friction for authors. Like if we see a problem for authors. A lot of us are authors ourselves. I’m an author. And so we built this thing to solve our problems.

Kevin Tumlinson

We want the ideas to give authors all the options and none of the limitations. That’s our that’s our hope. That’s our plan.

Kevin Tumlinson

My recommendation is that people should just go sign up and play with those tools and see if it’s something that they think they could use. You can always distribute and undistribute.

Kevin Tumlinson