The Profitable Nonfiction Author Podcast with Stephanie ChandlerWelcome to The Profitable Nonfiction Author Podcast with Stephanie Chandler, CEO of the Nonfiction Authors Association. Our show features hype-free marketing and monetization strategies for nonfiction authors.

Since time is your most precious commodity, our short program format (typically 20 minutes or less) delivers valuable content without fluff, hype or chit chat. New episodes are released five days a week, and include show notes with bonus content.

Each episode features a specific tactic, such as ways to get more reviews for your book or steps to take to attract corporate sponsors. We also sprinkle in quick interviews with experts and authors who have success stories to share.

The bottom line is that we know you’re busy and that publishing and promoting books can be overwhelming. Our mission is to bring you practical strategies you can use to expand your author career and uncover more profits!

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Stephanie Chandler, Host, Profitable Nonfiction Author Podcast

Stephanie Chandler, Host, Profitable Nonfiction Author Podcast

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