You can check out our post “Authors: How to Break In To Professional Speaking” for more detailed tips on how to get started speaking in front of audiences, but here are some professional organizations centered on the art and business of public speaking:

Start here:

  • Contact local chambers of commerce and service groups such as      Rotary and Kiwanis.
  • For trade associations, search online for <your city> plus      “association,” “group,” or “organization.”
  • Let peers and clients know that you’re available to speak. Ask      what groups they belong to and if they can connect you with the right      people.
  • For schools, contact department administrators and coordinators      (those who would handle your particular subject matter).

It really isn’t that hard to get booked once you start looking around!

Resources for Speakers – Find a chapter near you to learn the craft of speaking professionally – National Speakers’ Association – American Society for Training and Development – American Seminar Leaders Association – Free newsletter with subscriber tips for speakers

LinkedIn Groups – ASTD National – Global Keynote Speakers Association – Need a Speaker/Be a Speaker – Professional Speakers and Seminar Leaders


Speak and Grow Rich by Dottie Walters and Lilly Walters

The Wealthy Speaker by Jane Atkinson

Money Talks: How to Make a Million as a Speaker by Alan Weiss

From the Soapbox to the Stage: How to Use Your Passion to Start a Speaking Business by Bill Corbett