Promote Your Book and Business with PodcastsApple offers an app specifically for podcasts, making it easier than ever for listeners to find podcast content on their iPhones and iPads. A podcast is a downloadable recording (MP3 format), and podcasts are typically delivered as a series. Listeners can download and listen on iPods, iPhones, and other mobile devices, or on a computer. They can also subscribe to a podcast feed to be notified when a new recording is available for download.

There are thousands of podcast programs produced today, and some have hundreds of thousands of regular listeners. Podcast programs are often conducted like radio interviews, where the host interviews one or more guests, though some podcasts are instructional with the host delivering educational content.

For business and book promotion purposes, it’s relatively easy to produce your own podcast program and it provides another powerful way to reach your target audience.

Here’s how to get started: 

Podcasting Basics

  • Be very clear about who your target audience is and what kinds of content they will be interested in.
  • Visit the iTunes store and sample some podcasts to learn how they are conducted, and what you like and don’t like.
  • Give your podcast program an appealing title (search the iTunes store for examples).
  • Invest in a USB headset with microphone that plugs into your computer. This should run you between $30 to $60.

Tips for Creating Great Podcast Content

  • Keep it relatively informal. Listeners tend to prefer more casual podcast content over something that sounds like a canned speech or lecture.
  • Make it compelling for your target audience. It’s always about your target audience.
  • Invite interesting guests and conduct productive conversations.
  • Pay attention to which topics get the most response and produce more like them!
  • Podcast length can vary. You can create short recordings with quick tips that last just a few minutes, or you can deliver hour-long programming.

Podcast Recording Options

Podcast Editing Options

Podcast Publishing and Distribution Options

  • You should have a graphic image designed to display with your podcast content.
  • Utilize a service to handle publishing and distribution. Liberated Syndication offers great and affordable options: This should take care of your major syndication needs.
  • If you prefer the DIY approach, submit to the iTunes store directly. Details are here:

Don’t forget to promote your podcasts to your audience. Post them to your blog and announce them via social media. Soon you could build a substantial audience!

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