Internet RadioThough more well-known and listened to than in past years, internet radio shows are still an under-utilized promotion source for non-fiction writers. These often niche shows, though they boast a smaller listenership than traditional talk radio, can provide substantial opportunities to sell your book.

Here are some pluses about internet radio shows to consider:

  • Internet shows usually have a narrow or niche topic or theme, reaching the right target audience for your book
  • Guests are featured from 15 minutes to a full hour, which is far greater than the six to eight minutes you get on traditional talk radio
  • Internet show listeners are often sitting at a desk, ready to make a purchase. Traditional radio listeners are usually in their cars and won’t remember to make a purchase later.
  • Internet shows promote your appearance online to their networks, and then archive interviews online and on iTunes for long-lasting exposure

While I was in the midst of launching my book Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business, my assistant sent out radio pitches for less than two weeks, and the invitations to be a guest on various shows came in steadily. On one day alone, I gave three interviews and watched my Amazon rank improve throughout the day.

One of the hosts booked me at the last minute and then thanked me for sending him a pitch. He said that he needs guests weekly and he’s surprised that more authors don’t reach out to him.

Did you get that? These shows NEED guests and want you to pitch to them!

You can start by researching programs on WSRadio, BlogTalkRadio, and AllTalkRadio.

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Good luck!