Promotion Checklist for Your Book LaunchA lot of effort should go into the process of preparing and launching your book. It’s an exciting time of celebration, and when you invite others to join you, it will not only be more satisfying, it will lead to book sales! Here’s a list of some of the tasks involved in your launch. Feel free to modify this to suit your needs.


Write sales copy for website

Write sales copy for email

Write sales copy for affiliates (if applicable)

Write tweets and social media posts

Set up shopping cart buttons with “thank you” text

Set up discount codes (if applicable)

Create a landing page on website

Test landing page and purchase process, including product download link and email responders

Write related blog posts to promote the book, which can include excerpts and related content

Schedule blog posts to publish

Schedule social media promotions

Schedule email announcement(s) to mailing list

Reach out to affiliates/JV partners


Schedule the full day at your desk

Double check landing page and purchase process

Announce to social media networks if not already scheduled

Announce to online groups and forums

Send a press release (if applicable)

Send reminder emails to JV partners

Report progress on social media networks throughout the day to build momentum

Monitor email for questions/issues throughout the day


If campaign has a special offer or expiration date, send reminders via email

Post expiration reminders to your social media networks

Be responsive to your audience—respond to email quickly

Make a list of what worked and what didn’t work so you can make adjustments for next time

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