publish a bookWriting a book is an effective way to grow your business and become a recognized authority in your field.

Think about it this way. Imagine for a moment that you’re interested in hiring a personal coach. You interview a coach with typical credentials. She is friendly, says the right things, and her price is just right.

You interview a second coach. She is also friendly and says the right things, but her rate is higher than the first coach’s. At the end of the meeting, she hands you a copy of her book, The Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy-for-Life Program. She even autographs it for you. Who are you most likely going to hire?

No matter what kind of business you are in, there is no better way to become an instant expert than by publishing a book. Better than any business card, brochure, advertisement, website, or blog, a book is a powerful tool that will open doors and lead to tremendous business growth opportunities.

Still not convinced? Here are 14 reasons why business owners who are authors have the leading edge:

  1. Increased Credibility

Writing a book demonstrates your expertise in your subject matter. It is a form of mastery that can elevate your status in the eyes of your potential clients, peers, the media, and many other key contacts. The potential is truly unlimited.

  1. Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Just as in the example above, there is nothing like a book to impress prospects and close deals. Give away books like you hand out business cards and your business is sure to grow.

  1. Earn Higher Fees

If you are a service provider, such as a consultant, coach, graphic artist, doctor, therapist, financial advisor, or other service professional, your book gives you a license to charge higher rates. It all comes back to that credibility factor. You are not just an average expert in your field, you are a published expert. Of course your rates are higher than everyone else’s!

  1. Capture Hard-to-Get Appointments

Want to speak with the CEO, head of Human Resources, a political leader, or some other unreachable contact? Send him or her a copy of your book along with a personal note. Odds are much better that your next call will go through. “This is Annie Author calling…”

  1. Generate Referrals

Several years ago, a family law attorney sent copies of her book to marriage therapists all over town. Since therapists were often talking to her potential clients, she took a chance that the book might make an impression. Her practice quickly became the largest of its kind in her city.

  1. Capture Media Attention

Open any newspaper or magazine and notice how each article includes quotes and advice from experts. Most often, these quotes come from authors. Tune in to any talk radio show, the “Today” show, or even your local news programs. Authors are constantly in the spotlight. In fact, media professionals from print, radio, and television frequently search for authors of books related to their needed subject matter.

  1. Stand Out at Trade Shows

Your typical trade show booth won’t be ordinary once you showcase your book and your work as an author. Prospects and potential alliance partners will be eager to meet the author.

  1. Get Known Online

If you want to develop credibility and build a following of fans, there is no faster or more effective way to do that than by showcasing your author platform online. Share tips and resources through your website, blog, and social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Host teleseminars and promote videos on YouTube. The Internet is an ideal place to capitalize on your author status and reach a global audience.

  1. Generate Passive Income

As you become known online and build a following of loyal readers, adding information products such as ebooks, special reports, and teleseminars can generate passive income—money you make while you sleep. Information products are quicker and easier to produce than a book, and they perfectly complement your efforts as an author.

  1. Develop Programs that Support Your Book

If you don’t already have programs that support the theories in your book, you will want to have them available. Whether you ask them to or not, readers will contact you inquiring about how to implement the strategies in your book. Consider developing coaching programs, training packages, and various products and services that complement your subject matter.

  1. Build a Team around Your Brand

You can use your book as the foundation to teach others your system for doing what you do. You could develop your own certification program and recruit agents who deliver services under your brand, while they also promote your book and generate revenue for your business.

  1. Schedule Speaking Engagements

Commanding the attention of a room is a phenomenal way to grow your business. Authors are often invited to speak at trade association meetings, the local Chamber of Commerce, non-profit organizations, corporate functions, conferences, and events. Once you have captivated an audience, wrap up your presentation with a special offer for consulting services, training programs, or other package offering. Also, be sure to sell and autograph copies at the back of the room.

  1. Become an Instructor

Authors are welcomed as instructors at adult learning programs like the Learning Annex and many colleges. The organizations will promote your classes through their catalogs and direct mail campaigns. That publicity can bring tremendous exposure and new business opportunities.

  1. Hold Your Own Events

Authors like Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and countless others leverage their notoriety and experience to host their own revenue-generating events and workshops. Events can range from half-day meetings in a rented office space to week-long events at a hotel or even on a cruise ship.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to leveraging your own book to grow your business. If you have ever considered putting your thoughts on paper, stop thinking and start writing. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can reap the rewards. Publishing a book is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build the business of your dreams. It is up to you to harness the power and make your dreams a reality.

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