Publishers do not promote your bookI have often said: “Whether you sell out to a large (NY) publisher or publish yourself, the author must do the promotion. Publishers do not promote books. They have the books manufactured and they distribute them to bookstores (only).”

That is why publisher want to publish celebrities—those that have an eager following—and some (nearly) guaranteed sales.

I recently reviewed a contract for a client. Here is one of the paragraphs.


  1. Author understands marketing and promotion are critical to success of the Work and agrees to devote considerable attention and effort to marketing and promotion. Author agrees to abstain from any activity which might detract from, or conflict with, Author’s ability to carry out promotional duties, or to be part of any endeavor which may hinder sales of the Work at any time, without permission of Publisher.

So do not just take it from the guy who wrote The Self-Publishing Manual.

The publishers admit it.

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