There is no denying that ebook readership is on the rise and it’s ridiculously fast and easy to get an ebook published, which leaves many new authors wondering if they need to bother with publishing their books in print.Do I really need to print my book or can I publish it as an ebook only While there are certainly some ebook publishing success stories (Amanda Hocking comes to mind), they are still few and far between. Also consider the fact that not everyone has migrated to reading ebooks yet. There is still a very large market of people who want to read their books in print.

Another significant benefit of a printed book is that it is tangible. You can sell it at the back of the room during speaking engagements, ship a copy to a prospective client, or send it to a media source. Ebooks can’t be mailed and not everyone you want to reach will have access or be interested in the digital version. It’s also hard to ignore the fact that a printed book will likely be perceived as being more credible when it comes to dazzling some of your key contacts.

Finally, consider the personal satisfaction of publishing your book in print compared to ebook format. Which will feel like a bigger accomplishment?

My recommendation: Authors need to publish in both formats—print and ebook. Publish in just one format and not the other and you will miss a big market of readers. Publish in both formats and you cover all the major bases.

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