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What services do you offer?

I ghostwrite nonfiction and business books. I also provide writing workshops for those who would like to enhance their writing skill or progress on their projects. The workshops keep me in touch with my love of writing and allow me to explore my own creativity.

Who are your ideal clients?

I like working with business owners, professionals, and those that have a unique take on a topic. I enjoy writing law books that are intended for a consumer audience. I have also written medical books for the consumer audience. I like leadership books, and anything that will educate an audience to advance in their own lives or careers.

How did you get started in your business?

Somewhat by accident. A friend asked for help writing some dialogue for a book she was writing on relationship issues. I then pivoted my long-term business career, which included being a business owner, and working at several Fortune 500 companies to ghostwriting. Since then I’ve written a book on personal injury law, several leadership books, a health care engineering guidebook, and a medical information book.

What are some common issues you help your clients with?

I help authors share their information in a way that flows well, will be engaging, and interesting to the reader. I provide insight on the publishing process and can make connections when asked.

Can you recommend any books or resources to other members?

I would recommend that authors go to a book store or library and think about where their book might sit on the shelf. Once they identify the category, I’d recommend looking through similar books. This provides inspiration and also highlights where there is a gap in perspective that might need to be filled or an idea that could be built upon. For me this is a very inspirational way to spend an afternoon. I often do this myself as a form of research for the books I’m writing.

Can you offer one “pro tip” to our members?

Having a clear vision of who the reader is and what the author would like the reader to learn or do as a result of reading the book.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I find this work to be very fulfilling. I enjoy the fascinating people I meet, and all the information I learn. It’s also very rewarding knowing that this work will reach many people who are in need of hearing the message. Books change and enhance people’s lives.

What’s next for you?

I continue to grow my practice, learn about the evolving publishing field, and seek out my next passion project.

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