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A Note from Stephanie Chandler

Dear reader,

Thank you for purchasing the book, and for taking the time to register and download the bonus items. I truly hope you find all of the content helpful, and that it inspires you to work toward achieving your goals.

I have loved writing since I was kid. I remember sitting along the wall at recess with a notebook in hand. While the other kids were playing kickball, I was writing stories and poems and letters dreaming of being an author. I thought I’d grow up and write The Great American Novel, but that wasn’t the path I ended up taking. A Silicon Valley career took me away from my passion for writing for over a decade, but I eventually found my way back. And as it turned out, fiction wasn’t my calling. I discovered that I loved all-things-nonfiction.

What I love most about nonfiction is that these books have the power to change the world. As nonfiction writers, we usually have a mission. Yours might be to share your stories so others can learn from your experiences. Or you might want to teach readers how to do something better, or live a better life. Maybe your passion is history or science and you want to enlighten readers with interesting facts. Whatever your “why” is for writing, I hope you know how important it is that you pursue your goals and make your dent in the universe. The world needs you!

I love what I do–I get to help writers on their journeys. I get to help teach them how to reach a bigger audience, which means I get to help them achieve their goals and live their purpose. This means more to me than you know!

And so, this book about publishing isn’t just another how-to guide. It’s my way of helping you find the tools and resources necessary to achieve your dreams and make your dent in the universe!

Thank you for being part of my tribe! I hope you’ll also consider joining the Nonfiction Authors Association so that I can get to know you through our private community. You can also join us at an upcoming Nonfiction Writers Conference event.

Write on,


Stephanie Chandler Author Nonfiction Authors Association