1. Reinventing Yourself as a Writer in an Age of DisruptionReinvent yourself as a content creator.
    • Read books for pleasure, knowledge, inspiration, and research.
    • Find models for your books and career.
    • Write for all the media that can help you.
    • Revise your work until it’s 100%.
    • Get feedback on your work from many knowledgeable readers.
  2. Love your work. Make it a labor of love for your craft and your readers.
  3. Set inspiring literary and publishing goals. Learn how to achieve them.
  4. Make success inevitable. Commit yourself to your craft and your career.
  5. Reinvent yourself as a content marketer. Create and share information.
  6. Build your brand and visibility. Make the world ready for your book.
  7. Build your communities. Serve the people you need to succeed.
  8. Test-market your books. Maximize their value before you sell or publish them.
  9. Reinvent yourself as a contentpreneur. Sell and repurpose content.
  10. Make people and the planet more important than power and profit.
    Create a literary ecosystem you sustain with content and service.

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