Researching Your Book Subject

Researching Your Book Subject

Guest post by Dan Poynter, The Book Futurist

Before you write the book put your idea through this qualification process.

Make sure there’s a market for your book and that the market is large enough.

  1. The subject must be interesting to you
  2. Turn your passion center into your profit center
  3. You must have expertise or experience
  4. Credentials v. Having been there.
  5. The subject must interest other people
  6. If you write it, will they come?
  7. The subject should be tightly focused
  8. Will a potential buyer identify with your book?
  9. The market must be easy to reach
  10. Be able to identify your buyer
  11. Be able to locate your buyer
  12. The market must be large enough
  13. 200,000 minimum. Search associations for membership numbers and ezines for circulation numbers.

If you find that your book idea qualifies according to the above. You are on your way.

If it doesn’t, then adjust the project until it does.

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