Resources for Hiring Freelancers

For years I’ve been saying that the more help I hire, the more money I earn. One of the best ways to grow your business is to hire people to help free up your time so that you can focus on what you do best. While you may think you can’t afford to hire help, consider how outsourcing certain tasks can actually help you make money.

For example, if you can hire someone for $20 per hour to do administrative tasks, bookkeeping or graphic design, and you earn $50 or more per hour, then you can come out ahead. When you reclaim an hour of your own time, you can use that hour to generate revenue, instead of handling tasks—especially the tasks you don’t like (like bookkeeping—blech!).

Here are some sources for hiring freelancers and contractors to give you more time to be profitable!

  1. Upwork (formerly Elance) – The largest network for finding all kinds of freelance professionals in many countries. Options include web designers, copywriters, graphic designers, administrative professionals, and much more.
  2. InstructionSmith (formerly Autors Assistants)– A directory of virtual assistants who have completed training programs to specifically support authors.
  3. IVAA – The International Virtual Assistants Association offers a member directory, plus an option to post a Request for Proposal (RFP).
  4. AssistU – A training program for virtual assistances, here you can find assistance who have been through certification programs.
  5. Fiverr – This service lists people and the tasks they are willing to complete for $5. Great for quick tasks like getting banner ads and social media headers designed.
  6. Guru – Similar to Upwork, find freelance professionals here.
  7. Rent a Coder – If you need computer programming or software development, you’ll find lots of options here.
  8. Craigslist – If you prefer to work with someone local, you can always advertise job opportunities with Craigslist—even for contractor positions.
  9. 99 Designs – This is a fun way to find a graphic designer. It’s done by conducting a contest and allowing designers to contribute their concepts. Find one you like and you can award the fee you designate to the winning designer.
  10. Freelancer – Similar to Upwork and Guru.
  11. Envato – Director of freelance graphic designers.
  12. Odesk – Similar to Elance and Guru, though one of the larger networks.
  13. Coroflot – Primarily a source for creative professionals and graphic designers.
  14. Interns – Guess what? Students can work for free or at a low cost. They want to learn and gain experience and you can create a mutually beneficial situation by teaching someone what you do while they help manage tasks. Contact your local colleges to inquire about placing an ad for an intern. There will be some paperwork involved, but this can be a great solution that can also lead to a potential employee for your business. Also note that some states require that you pay interns and also have specific guidelines you must follow (like making it an educational experience for the intern) so check the guidelines for your state first.
  15. Nonfiction Authors Association Recommended Resources – We maintain a list of resources we recommend, including freelancers who specialize in editing, book production and more.

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