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“…an enjoyable read, captivating from the start to the very end…”

As an internationally known professional psychic, John Russell has experienced a host of compelling and sometimes spine-chilling paranormal adventures. His book Riding With Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead is an episodic collection of really good ghost stories…all of which happen to be true!

John’s logged thousands of miles on his motorcycle, and readers can ride along as he encounters UFOs, mystical weather, Civil War phantoms, electronic recordings of spirit voices, crop circles, Indian spirits, haunted forests, and even a phone call to a ghost! Each entertaining, unique essay offers up a spiritual truth or insight for further contemplation. His experiences show us that powerful, unseen intelligences on the Other Side observe us and listen to us; communicate with us in astonishing ways; are sometimes able to grant our desires; may offer us further insights into the spiritual realm; and can literally save our lives—as long as we listen to them and pay attention. 

Author Bio

John Russell has been an internationally known professional psychic for almost half a century.  Working with clients around the world, he also has been a featured guest on many radio shows and filmed a TV pilot for The History Channel in which he psychically explored the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. 

Now, in Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead, John brings readers along on one of his other lifelong passions:  motorcycle riding.  Join John as he travels thousands of miles off the beaten path while conducting serious, experienced, and informed paranormal investigation–and experience what one reader has described as a wide array of paranormal experiences with a great range of intensity that locks in the reader for the entire book! 



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