This week we asked our community on Facebook to answer this question: For authors who’ve already been published, what would you do differently next time?For authors who’ve already been published, what would you do differently next time? Here’s what they had to say:

David Evans: When I published my first books, I didn’t really have a clear, single message. Also I didn’t have a good venue to present or promote myself. My new book is about helping people of different races and cultures get along better, and treat each other with more respect. I will be promoting it, starting next month, on my personal page for my Psychology Today blog. The name of my blog is, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

Marie DeHaan: Not have cancer. 🙂

Vlady Peters: At the time I knew so little about publishing that I assumed you just submitted a book and the next thing you’re published. Although it wasn’t quite as easy, my first book was picked up quite quickly as it involved the newly created civil marriage celebrants and how they could conduct weddings anywhere, anytime and with options for a personal wedding ceremony. The first edition of some 5,000 copies was bought out both by couples and the celebrants themselves. In the meantime I submitted another book to the same company – which they accepted. While we were still talking about a second edition of the first book, the publisher either went broke or sold out. There was no new edition and the second book was remaindered five minutes after it was released. What could I have done differently? Perhaps looked more closely at the contract. But it was quite meaningless to me then.

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