This week we asked our community on Facebook to answer this question: What book marketing strategies have worked best for you? Here’s what they had to say:How do you get yourself booked for speaking engagements

David Evans: When I first started speaking, several years ago, I paid a speaking service for a listing in their speakers list. After that I just started calling up organizations in my area. (Any of the service organizations, like Rotary, are great) And once you’ve given a few speeches, you can start to get referrals from those. The key is to have some give-away to give people in the audience in return for their business card. Then, from the cards you get, call the ones that look like they might be promising leads. Since I’ve been a mediator for over twenty years, a great group for me is estate planners. One of my main speeches provides answers to a key problem they face – arguments over the terms of a will. Be sure you have a good sample five-minute video of your speech. David Evans, Psychology Today blogger, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

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