Last week we asked our community on Facebook to answer this question: What are your favorite mobile apps? What are your favorite mobile apps

Here’s what they had to say:

Pamela Cummins: Pinterest’s app has made my life easier! This app enables me to pin wherever I am, plus check if there are any inappropriate pins on my group board.

Stephanie Chandler: Evernote! I use it to clip articles from around the web, build shopping lists, save recipes, and save reference materials for authors. Love, love, love Evernote!

Mary Anne Shew: OneNote for storing all kinds of things–switching over from long-time use of Evernote. Acuity Scheduling for making my calendar available online for clients and prospects. Teamwork Projects for managing my work. Dropbox for access to my files from anywhere.

I’ve used Evernote for many years and accidentally discovered they had a cap of 250 notebooks for those to sync across devices. I had created more than those and it was a lot of work to figure out which ones were missing. Their support people were sympathetic but unhelpful. I actually signed up for a second–paid–Evernote to temporarily handle the overflow. Total annual fee: $136. Now I have the Evernote NBs backed up and am slowly importing the notebooks into OneNote, which I get as part of my MS Office 365 annual fee of $108. When that’s done I’ll cancel both Evernote accounts.

I love OneNote’s interface AND even more the ability to have multiple levels of sub-pages. The limited nesting on Evernote is what drove me to have so many “stacks” (notebooks).

Bill Klemm: I use both One Note and Evernote. Each has its advantages.

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