This week we asked our community on Facebook to answer this question: What book marketing strategies have worked best for you? Here’s what they had to say:What book marketing strategies have worked best for you

David Evans: A couple of years ago I signed up with a paid speaking service that helped me get a lot of un-paid speaking gigs. That has been my best book marketing strategy so far. However, I have changed strategies, and am now writing a blog for Psychology Today that is getting a good response. The blog is named, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” My work focuses on helping people get along better and treat each other with more respect, across racial, cultural and gender barriers. My name is David Evans and my website is The speaker service I used was Speaker Services. At that time it was run by Susan Levin, who started it, but she is no longer alive. It is now run by Jean-Noel Bassior, who ran it for several years along with Susan. I found it to be an excellent service! At that time they had a print listing of speakers. Now, of course, it is on the internet. It worked well for me, because I live in the Los Angeles area and there are a ton of organizations here who want speakers. I’m not quite sure how it might work for someone in another geographic location, but I’m sure Jean-Noel has worked that out. I recommend them! Their website is

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