This week we asked our community on Facebook to answer this question: What do you hope readers will gain from reading your book? Here’s what they had to say:What do you hope readers will gain from reading your book?

David Evans: My book “ONE GOOD IDEA” provides some simple, fun ideas to help readers find that One Good Idea that they need. (One of the big tools I provide is how to use humor to stimulate creativity.) My hope is that my book can help my readers find that One Good Idea they for their next big breakthrough! David Evans, Psychology Today blogger, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Marie DeHaan: Hope. Hope that cancer is not always a death sentence.

Julia Goldstein: My book title: Get the Lead Out. I hope that readers will come away with ideas they can implement or propose to management at their companies to replace toxic materials or reduce waste. I hope they will be encouraged by the example of positive progress by many businesses moving in the right direction. I ghostwrite and edit long-form content to help businesses tell their stories about how they are changing the world.

Joel D Canfield: I know firsthand the painful struggle of NOT writing when I desperately want to. I want readers to know they’re not alone, and to realize that even though there’s no easy way to prevent writer’s Resistance, there are ways to reduce the struggle and actually enjoy writing.

Vlady Peters: When I first became a marriage celebrant there was almost no information on the difference between a religious ceremony and its setting, and a marriage celebrated by a civil celebrant. So basically I wrote my first wedding book as much for myself as for the people who would choose a civil celebrant. Since then, I’ve published my books in the belief that the readers will get practical information on every aspect of the wedding based on experience rather than the shoulds and musts that the Internet is flooded with.

Casey Morley: I hope my readers will welcome a new awareness about domestic violence/ child abuse, Mainly what abused children endure and carry with them into their adult lives. Just know 96% of abused children will grow up and repeat history. The healing journey can take years, even a lifetime. Sadly some never get there. Readers have shared ‘I now stand in less judgement, to ” I now see the part I played” I often hear it should be a movie. Crawling Out will make you laugh, make you cry, educate , validate. I see my book as a tool. Nudge to a new awareness, for some enlightenment, A reality check, It gives permission to shed the shame and guilt that was never theirs to carry, permission to unmask the secrecy of what their lives are like day in and day out.casey morley

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