This week we asked our community on Facebook to answer this question: What goals are you setting for yourself for the coming year?Round-Up Question of the Week: What goals are you setting for yourself for the coming year? Here’s what they had to say:

Joel D Canfield: I’m slowly working on the book about writing Resistance I’ve been putting off (yes, I see the irony.) While Steven Pressfield calls on us to slay it as a dragon and Seth Godin calls on us to ally with it, I call Resistance a bully, and write about how to make it irrelevant. Planning to have the book written this year, published early 2019.

David Evans: Good question and good timing! I have just recently begun a blog for Psychology Today (“Can’t We All just Get Along?”). I have been getting a very good response to the posts, but now my big goal is to build my readership. Any thoughts or strategies about how to do this?

Cheri Fields: Get published. I hit the ground running the space between Christmas and New Years starting the work it will take for a book on Louis Pasteur for kids, contacting and illustrator, nailing my genre, pulling out my research book, then got derailed over the weekend. The publisher I most want to work with is asking me for a proposal on a science curriculum. My neck hurts a bit from whiplash, but I’m excited to have a serious project from a perfect partner. Gotta run, I’ve got a proposal to polish!

Vlady Peters: After self-publishing six non-fiction books, intend to finish my first fiction book.

Alice Cory: Finish proposal for my first nonfiction book — and get positive response, hopefully.

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