For use when requesting permission to include another person’s work in your book. As with all legal documents, be sure to have this approved by your attorney before use.Sample Permissions Letter

Dear [name],

As we have previously discussed, I am preparing to have my book published and it is tentatively titled [title]. It is scheduled to be published by [publisher], on or around [date]. I would like your permission to include the following material in my book:

[list material here—essay, chapter contribution, article, etc.]

By signing below, you grant permission to include the material in my book and in any future revisions and editions thereof, including excerpts, throughout the world and in all languages. These rights in no way restrict publication of your material in any other form by you or others authorized by you.

Should you not control these rights in their entirety, please let me know to whom else I must write.

I would appreciate you providing your consent as soon as possible. This letter should be signed and returned via email or fax [fax number].

Thank you kindly for your assistance.


I grant permission to publish the material as requested above.

Date: _____________

Authorized Signature:________________________________________________

Printed Name:______________________________________________________

Title and Company: _________________________________________________

Street Address:______________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________

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