Self-Publishing Concierge: The Info Vault

When you sign up for our Self-Publishing Concierge service, you get assigned a project manager to help you with each step. You’ll also get access to our vault of reports, templates, checklists and recordings to help you understand each step in your publishing journey.

get immediate access to downloadable book publishing resourcesPrepare Your Manuscript for Publishing

  • How to Cite Sources in Your Manuscript
  • How to Get Testimonials for Your Book
  • Offer Bonus Content to Build Your Mailing List
  • How to Write Jacket Copy
  • Blank Page Fillers
  • How to Write an Effective Author Bio
  • Sample Permissions Letter
  • Your Amazon Author Central page – Steps to Maximize Your Account
  • Ultimate Guide to Beta Readers
  • Understanding Editing
  • Protect Your Work with Copyright Registration
  • ISBN Registration
  • Library of Congress Control Number
  • BISAC Codes

Publishing Details

  • Buy Your Own ISBN or Use a Free One?
  • Sample Copyright Page
  • Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • How to Research Your Book Title
  • Book Cover Design
  • Interior Layout and Typesetting
  • Book Interior Design Tips
  • How to Set the Retail Price for Your Book
  • How to Host a Soft Launch for Your Book on Amazon
  • Professional Indexing
  • Audiobook Publishing and Distribution Options
  • Understanding Ebook Publishing
  • Recording: Helen Sedgwick, Understand Copyrights, Trademarks and Legal Concerns for Authors
  • The Six People Every Author Should Hire
  • Resources for Hiring Freelancers

Book Printing and Distribution

  • Understand Book Printing and Distribution
  • Understand Ebook Publishing
  • List of Book Distributors and Wholesalers
  • Recording: Amy Collins, Understand Book Distribution
  • How to Set Retail Discounts and Returns on IngramSpark
  • The Pros and Cons of Publishing with Amazon KDP or IngramSpark
  • How to Handle Shipping for Your Books

Publishing as a Business

  • How to Get Funding to Publish Your Book
  • Cash Flow Forecast (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Author Business Startup Checklist
  • Build a Successful Author Business
  • Revenue Streams for Authors

Your Book Launch

  • Book Launch Checklist
  • Copy Needed Before You Launch Your Book
  • Build Your Tribe of Influence
  • Tribe of Influence Worksheets
  • Book Marketing Action Plan
  • Book Marketing Essentials
  • Book Marketing for Memoir Writers
  • How to Define a Niche Audience for Your Book
  • Reaching the Bestsellers Lists
  • Mastering Amazon

Post-Launch Activities

  • Email Template for Family and Friends
  • How to Buy Your Way to a Larger Platform
  • Next Steps for Newly Published Authors
  • 100 Ways to Grow an Audience for Your Book
  • Book Marketing Task List for Virtual Assistants
  • How to Handle Selling Your Book at Events
  • How to Market Your Book with a Quiz
  • How to Help Others Promote Your Book for You
  • How to Have Your Book Considered for Placement in Barnes and Noble Stores
  • How to Sell Your Book to Colleges
  • How to Get Bookstore Placement with Reverse Demand

Book Marketing on Social Media

  • How to Market to Social Media Groups
  • How to Use LinkedIn Pulse
  • What to Share on Social Media
  • Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet

Your Website & Blog

  • How to Write Sizzling Blog Post Titles
  • How to Identify and Minimize Spam in Blog Comments
  • 17 Ways to Add More Content to Your Blog
  • 35 Ways to Increase Website Traffic
  • 10 Ways to Boost Sales on Your Website
  • Book Sales Page Website Checklist
  • Author Website Worksheets
  • Author Website Checklist
  • The Ultimate Guide to Author Websites

Publicity and Media

  • Media Lists – Excel Spreadsheet with Contact Info for Hundreds of Podcasts, Bloggers, etc.
  • DIY Publicity for Authors
  • How to Pitch Yourself as a Guest for Podcast Interviews and Traditional Radio
  • How to Build Your List of Media Contacts
  • Media Training Checklist – Prepare for Interviews
  • How to Research Bloggers
  • How to Guest Blog for Other Websites
  • How to Conduct a Podcast Tour for Book Promotion
  • Sample Media Sheet – Provide to Media Outlets

Amazon Ads

  • Amazon Ads Course Video Replay on Zoom (3-part video series)
  • How to Conduct Keyword and Category Research on Zoom
  • Amazon Advertising to Sell More Books
  • How to Setup Automatic Targeted Amazon Ads
  • How to Add Your Book to 10 Categories on Amazon

Book Reviews

  • 50 Ways to Generate Reviews for Your Books
  • Where to Send Review Copies of Your Book

Professional Speaking

  • How to Break into Professional Speaking
  • Recording: Jane Atkinson, Strategies for Keynote Speakers
  • Recording: Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Become a Keynote Speaker
  • How to Locate Key Contacts with LinkedIn
  • Secrets to Delivering Great Presentations
  • Elements of a Speaker One-Sheet
  • Author-Speaker Website Examples
  • Checklist of Items to Take to Speaking Engagements
  • Speaker Request Form Template
  • Speaker Intake Form Template
  • Sample Speaker Agreement Contract
  • Sample Speaker One-Sheets
  • Feedback Form Template
  • How to Set Your Speaking Fees


  • Book Order Form
  • Bookstore Consignment Agreement
  • Join the Mailing List
  • Email for Family and Friends
  • Press Release
  • Bulk Pricing

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