Youtube Video: Snag Book Marketing Copy Skimmers with This SecretCasey Demchak

It can be tough to admit, but it’s important to remember…

Most people are going to skim your book marketing copy before they decide if they want to read it to learn more about your book.

This applies to your website sales page, your back cover, your Amazon description, your promotional emails, and even your postcards and sales sheets.

When checking out your promotional content, what readers will always skim first is your headlines and subheads.

So you have to make them count!

In this week’s video training, I’m going to show you how to create a headline/subhead sequence that grabs the attention of “copy skimmers”, so they’ll want to slow down and learn more about your book.

This is a simple technique. If you learn how to use it you’ll get more eyeballs on your book marketing copy. And when you get more eyeballs on your marketing materials… you sell more books.

So check out this week’s training video and find out how to turn marketing copy skimmers into people who buy your book.

Until next time, take a lot of action and make things happen.


Author Bio:

Casey Demchak is an award-winning copywriter and a recognized expert at writing persuasive marketing materials for dozens of authors who have achieved Amazon bestseller and international bestseller status. He is also a copywriter for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula team. You can download Casey’s e-book, 7 Must-Know Copywriting Secrets that Sell More Books at

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