nonfiction book recommendations for authorsWe asked other nonfiction authors what some of their favorite books for writers are. Here are their responses:

Sanjida Kay

I’d recommend The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne, an editor who describes how to develop one’s craft as a writer. There’s an accompanying podcast, Story Grid Podcast with Shawn Coyne and aspiring novelist, Tim Grahl. An absolute must-read/listen if you want to be a fantastic fiction writer!

Author Sanjida Kay:

Ann Wilson

For that complete guide, I love Writing True Stories by Patti Miller. it inspires me to stop procrastinating and daydreaming about writing my Nona’s story and just start! Sometimes being surrounded by other people’s manuscripts and books all day can be intimidating and Writing True Stories is both easy to use and encouraging. Giving me the confidence to pick up the pen again.

Ann Wilson is the owner of Post Pre Press, the founder of Independent Ink and author of The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing, how to write, publish and leverage your business book.

Donna Munro

I have many useful writer’s references that I call on to improve my writing. I write both non-fiction and fiction. The Australian Writer’s Marketplace by Queensland Writers Centre is invaluable tool to score writing gigs. Your Writing Coach by Jurgen Wolfe is a concise book to keep your motivation and energy up. The Wealthy Writer – How to Earn a Six-figure Income as a Freelance Writer by Michael Meanwell is comprehensive and includes case studies and templates. On Writing – a memoir of the craft by Stephen King is a must have for any writer, fiction or non-fiction. I could suggest many more.

Donna Munro – author of The Zanibar Moon & Kendwa’s Secret, freelance writer and ghostwriter.

Pam Brossman

I written a couple of book for non fiction writers that would be perfect for your blog.
Self Publish: How To Write A Book In 10 Super Easy Steps

Best Seller Marketing – 21 Ways To Boost Your Business With A Book

The first book teaches non fiction writers how to create a simple framework to get their book out of their head and self published easier.

The second book teaches business owners how to use a book to market their business and their brand plus, position their expertise, knowledge, message, passion or zone of genius.

Pam Brossman Expertise Marketing Speaker, Author & Consultant who teaches knowledge professionals how to turn their expertise into a global business.

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