Author ResolutionsIf this is the year you’ve committed to writing a book, publishing a book, or marketing a book, here are some ideas for inspirational phrases you can use to get started on January 1 and beyond:

1. Commit to marketing—and finding a way to like it!

2. Do three to five things every day to promote my book (even if it hasn’t been written yet).

3. Start speaking professionally.

4. Conduct at least one speaking engagement per month.

5. Carve out three to five hours each week for writing my next book.

6. Update my author website so that it dazzles visitors.

7. Update my blog two to three times per week.

8. Embrace social media and engage on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn daily.

9. Read at least one marketing book per month and always be on the hunt for new marketing ideas.

10. Visualize my success and know that I can create the results I want!

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