Social MediaI’m a firm believer that content marketing is one of the best ways to promote your book and business. As an alternative to exclusively pitching or mentioning your book, offering information that is useful to your target audience creates a win-win for both your customers and you.

Here are some strategies for content marketing to promote your book.

Make Your Website a Destination: Add video, provide a sample chapter from your book, offer an e-newsletter, and share plenty of interesting content. Not only will content entice readers, it can also improve site ranking with Google.

Embrace Blogging: Commit to blogging two to three times per week (more is better), and over time you can increase website traffic while attracting new readers and media attention. Promote your blog with directories like,, and

Improve Search Engine Rankings: Implement search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to boost traffic. To get started, incorporate keywords into each page, update content frequently, and add incoming links from other websites.

Take Advantage of Internet Media: Internet radio programs always need guests. Find opportunities at,,,, and the archives on iTunes.

Leverage Social Media: Find your audience on Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn and engage daily by sharing links to your blog posts, commenting on other people’s posts, and participating in forums where your target audience can be found. Use tools like and to help you manage your social media networks.

Develop Companion Products: Convert your printed books into ebooks and distribute to (for Kindle) and Also add special reports, audio recordings, teleseminars, workbooks, and other information products that you can use for marketing purposes or sell for additional revenue. Set up shopping cart services with,, or